Angele is from the Central African Republic which she fled 3 years ago due to the ongoing war.
Kazi Mohammad and his family arrived in Hong Kong from Dhaka, Bangladesh in early 2016. He is a politician seeking protection for his family.
Chamila is a refugee from South Asia. After her husband was shot dead, she was tortured before fleeing and leaving behind her young child. She recently qualified as a yoga instructor and has been in Hong Kong for over 12 years.
Kaze was born in Central Africa and has been in Hong Kong for 10 years where he lives in Lantau with his wife and 3 young children. He is a talented artist and his works explore the relationship between nature and recycled materials. He is also a musician.
Mr A. fled his homeland in East Africa 12 years ago due to civil war. He is a lawyer and the first refugee to be granted permission to take employment in Hong Kong. For reasons of personal security, he does not want to reveal his full identity.
Poules is an Egyptian Christian who had an active role in the 2011 revolution. As a reporter for a Christian TV network, he also filmed the military crackdown in Tahrir Square, Cairo in December 2011. He was badly beaten by the army and consistently persecuted before fleeing.