December 2017

We Are Here and the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Foundation (HOCA) are proud to present The ‘We Are Here Refugee Tram’ which will be operating on the streets of Hong Kong throughout the month of December 2017. We aim to raise awareness for asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong. The project is inspired by the French artist JR and is a part of the global Inside Out Project.

Please email INFO@WEAREHEREHK.ORG for more details.

Polly McGovern and Kate Sparrow have been shortlisted for the HK Human Rights Arts Prize 2017 for Mr. A.

Mr A. fled his homeland in East Africa 12 years ago due to civil war. He is a lawyer and the first refugee to be granted permission to take employment in Hong Kong. For reasons of personal security, he does not want to reveal his full identity.

Who we are

An independent art project promoting advocacy and raising awareness for refugees in Hong Kong.

our aims

To educate and inform regarding the situation for approximately 12,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong.
To raise awareness of the long term impact for generations of families who are stuck in Hong Kong whilst their claim is being processed.
To advocate for these claimants to be allowed to legally work rather than live in extreme poverty.

Our strategy


To encourage schools in Hong Kong to incorporate World Refugee Day into their curriculum through an arts based initiative.


We are able to give presentations at schools and facilitate guest speakers.


We provide lesson plans to help schools get involved.


We offer support and guidance with activities, events and press releases.


We contact media outlets in advance of the event to ensure maximum exposure.